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Hair Transplant Turkey Antalya

Hair Transplant in Turkey Antalya


What's a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

A hair transplant is defined by a surgeon transferring hair follicles from the occipital or temporal area of ​​the head to the bald spot.

In addition, this is often performed under local anesthesia which can last for many hours due to the size of the baldness.

Nowadays, it is the most popular solution when it comes to patients with forehead baldness , male pattern baldness or male pattern baldness . From the point of view of the treatment, this one has everything you need to restore hair growth in a homogeneous and natural way.

There are 3 main hair transplant techniques that use different methods to extract hair follicles.

What is a hair transplant in Turkey?
hair transplant in turkey antalya

Does Hair Transplant Work?

Yes, hair transplantation works and can restore your hair with permanent results.

The follicles that grow on the occipital area are not sensitive to the DHT hormone. Therefore, they are not affected by male pattern hair loss.

During hair restoration surgery, these follicles are moved to bald or receding areas to improve density.

Also, since they will remain resistant to DHT, they will continue to grow naturally.

Modern techniques available today, minimize trauma to the scalp due to hair transplantation, thus leading to success rates of 90-95%.


The 6 Advantages of Hair Transplantation

Advantages of Hair Transplantation
Which Person Is Sufficient For Hair Transplantation?

Which Person Is Sufficient For Hair Transplantation?

Hair surgeries offer truly transformative and empowering results for patients of all ages.

Instead of your age, your medical history and the characteristics of your hair loss will determine whether surgery is right for you.

In general, you may be the right person to follow this procedure, if you have:


How many grafts would you need?

This is the most important factor as it will affect the price is the duration of your surgery. The size of your thinning area(s) will determine the number of grafts you will need. The doctor will also take into account the quality of your hair and the existing density in your thinning area. Therefore, a thorough consultation with a doctor specializing in this field is necessary to obtain an accurate quote.

How many grafts would you need?
Hair transplant procedure in Turkey

Hair transplant procedure: 8 steps

This is a minor surgery whose procedure is done under local anesthesia, moreover, it is considered minimally invasive.

Here is how the procedure will unfold on the day of your procedure:

The surgery generally lasts 6 to 8 hours, depending on the number of hairs to be transplanted. Typically, patients have 2000 to 3000 grafts implanted in a single session. If your hair loss continues to progress, you may need a follow-up procedure.

Hair Transplant in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure



Duration of Treatment

Usually 6 to 8 Hours




from 999€


Frequently asked questions about Hair Transplant in Turkey Antalya

The issue of age is important when it comes to hair implants. For men, the ideal age is between 30 and 40 years old. Because before this age hair loss is sometimes difficult to identify, it can also be occasional.

The proceeds to the removal of a certain number of hairs – grafts – in the area of ​​the rear crown. Because in this place the hair never falls. These hair implants are then grafted towards the upper part, where baldness is apparent.

FUE hair transplantation is at the forefront of progress in the fight against baldness. This technique of hair implants allows to have very good results for a hair transplant without a long linear scar.

The hair transplant procedure can sometimes cause some complications such as local infections, scalp bleeding, or even damaged hair during the operation due to manipulations.